patent battle Apple Masimo

The longstanding dispute between Apple and the medical technology company Masimo over a potential infringement by Apple on a Masimo patent, claiming that the patented technology is being used in Apple Watches without permission. Why are these companies engaged in such a significant battle involving their patents? It's expected that these watches, capable of measuring vital functions at home, will play a crucial role in monitoring one's health without the need for a doctor and automatically transmitting medical data to, for instance, a local healthcare center or a hospital. This kind of technology is anticipated to be highly significant in the shift toward an enormous market.

Why can't the selfie monkey claim copyright on its photo?

How does copyright work for animals and why can't the selfie monkey claim copyright on its own photo?

selfie monkey cannot claim copyright on his photo

Is it possible for a monkey to obtain copyright on a selfie it took itself? Almost everyone who regularly surfs the internet and social media has seen the above selfie of the monkey and had a good laugh about it. The creature had grabbed someone's camera, put on its most charming smile, and taken the above photo. Nice story. But, as is often the case with too good stories, it also went a bit differently in this case, and this monkey business also had a legal sequel regarding the copyright on the selfie. Twice there have been lawsuits over the copyright of the monkey's selfie. How does this work?